Bombay Ki Baarish Things to do in this Rainy Season

It’s finally that time of the year in the city. You hate it or you love it you cannot ignore the yearly heavy rainfall in Mumbai. The rains make the city what it is! Right from sitting on your balcony and sipping a cup of hot tea and some snacks to running in the rain to board a 6:30 Virar local. Every Mumbaikar has experienced ups and downs of the infamous rains. Mumbaikars and the rains definitely have a love-hate relationship.

Mumbai is a city where apparently dreams are made of and the city never sleeps. No matter how badly the floods attack the city, everything is absolutely normal the next day. If you’ve survived Mumbai monsoons, you can survive anything!

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We all have great monsoon memories, right from school reopening, revealing our fancy umbrellas and raincoats to our friends and taking a stroll in Marine Drive. For some the rains will be an epitome of romance whereas some prefer too enjoy it in the comfort of their homes.To each their own! From playing and falling sick during the rains to eating warm corn. The essence of monsoon will take you on a wonderful joyride for a couple of months.

Sadly, it will disturb your work schedule for a couple of days and you will be complaining about the tiresome traffic. And the potholes and sewage scenario will leave you infuriated. The cozy, chilly weather will make it difficult for you to get out of the bed in the morning.

If you are stuck in a low-lying area, it’s truly a nightmare! But the people of Mumbai are immensely helpful and will rescue you out of any situation whatsoever. The people of Mumbai are the reason why it is the ideal location to live. Learn to adapt and go forward like them, or don’t!

The local trains are jam packed with semi-drenched passengers waiting to get back home safely to their loved ones! Never sit near the window, the drizzle droplets might drench you entirely. The rains start in the month of August and go on till the beloved Lord Ganesha enters the city.

Bombay rains are an emotion. The piping hot vada pavs, the beautiful roads, cutting chai and the first monsoon smell, it will be etched in your heart for years to come. The first drop of rain on your face will give you a sigh of relief from the excruciating summers!

Go on a drive with your friends to Lonavala or sip a hot cup of tea, admire the city while playing some Bollywood tunes and live the moment because it’s one of the most beautiful times in the the city! And if you are new here, trust me you’ll slowly get the hang of it!

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