BJP vs Congress 102RS Petrol Poor People Dying Due to Politics?

Maharashtra has crossed 100rs+ ltr petrol Prices of Petrol is Continue Lifting due to increasing in petrol prices middle-class family is incapable to conserve money neither the company is giving commuting expenses to their workers

 BJP vs Congress 102RS Petrol Poor People Dying Due to Politics?

Congress Alleged BJP for not giving relief for the Middle-class family and continuously increasing GST, and Petrol Hikes after the year 2014 also Congress leaders said in an interview about BJP who was Protested at the time of Congress when petrol prices were 54 rupees bjp was the one who used to burn statues with black band and now when they are in the power they made poor people die and earning from the people of India

As in an recent Rbi, the announcement was there was no relief to the middle/lower-income citizens who were already in tensed due to covid lockdown and after lockdown when unlock start happening they notices higher-priced petrol and no tax relief

Congress was the one who protested for GST and still, Middle class are facing GST and Unemployment as well, Congress also claimed that these all the reason which is why BJP lost the election in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi and BJP has to learn the lesson that without working for people just advertising with a leader you cannot win the election

also in an interview where businessman was asked whom they like 80% Businessman said Congress is their Choice Because In congress time they managed to earn but after BJP there was so much restriction made on business that they have to do the job instead of running the business as everyone knows only JIO, Adani was the main to increase in capitalization rest all business was collapsed for eg: atlas was shut down due to unable to pay their employees in lockdown atlas cycle were the leading bicycle making company as there was no support given by company also some of them said They Hope they were Vijay Mallya so that they can loot banks to as they are living happily and middle class says they have to think for buying Poisons to kill themselves

the article is not sponsored not favored the article shares public opinion from interviews there is no hate for both the parties

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