Just the dates change n nothing else. Bankersdie, commit suicide amid working under pressure. Unrealistic targets are assigned to the banks. On one hand, madam FM is planning to merge the loss incurring PSBs and on the other hand, we are forced to incur a loss because of such targets which can never be achieved. BIGGEST FAILURE OF NIRMALA SITHARAMAN  #YOUFAILEDBANKERS 
news of deaths of bankers 

Nirmala Sitharaman biggest failure #YouFailedBankers

Look at the news of bankers died due to forced law by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman also PMCBANK CRISIS and  YESBANK  crisis after becoming of finance minister and also a failure of 20 lakhs crore package  Nirmala Sitharaman biggest failure #YouFailedBankers  
40000 crore housing industries which are located in urban areas of India. The rural people not getting any job opportunities under the MANREGA.
The first formula of MRS Sitharaman was the reduction in corporate and capital gain tax. Near about 1.5 lakh cores will be the total revenue loss for the government of India.

data of loss

look at the table how it shows the data of expansion of more branches and jobless employees of banks after making plans of the bank by Nirmala Sitharaman Pmc bank account holder still not got their money back even in this lockdown this why Nirmala Sitharaman biggest failure #YouFailedBankers and Nirmala Sitharaman is responsible for all deaths 

Share this news to all its took a lot of courage to speak truth please spread this article so that India won’t be under this situation where every bank owner make ourselves cashless  in short Nirmala is a failure and responsible and should be dethroned   

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