6 Health Benefits of Slimming Tea

The birth of tea was in China, and as a respected tradition was consumed among royals and minors alike. While the major experimentations in flavors happened in china, the traders and other travelers spread it across the globe. With time there have been several varieties of tea flavors developed, some of the prominent six tea types are White tea, Oolong Tea, Yellow tea, Black tea, and Dark tea or post-fermented tea. The tea plant is called Camellia Sinensis and all tea varieties have been derived from it. As different processes will oxidize and ferment the leaves differently, each one has been named different hence we have these six types of teas which may look very different from one another but all come from the same tea plant “Camellia Sinensis”. Apart from the amazing regulating and elevating of our moods, there are several health reasons which make it a popular drink, especially for slimming. But due to its amazing results, china slim tea is popular worldwide. Here are a few health benefits of slimming tea that you might want to know.

Keeps your internal organs healthy

Besides being a good antioxidant like all other tea varieties Green tea has special properties supporting the slimming process. Green tea is made with steamed Camellia Sinensis tea leaves. As it has a high level of EGCG the antioxidants present would help keep the bladder, breasts, lungs, stomach, and arteries healthy and also keep away neurological conditions too, China Slim Tea has green tea properties in it. 

Reduces risks of heart diseases

This health benefit, you will get from black tea, as black tea is made out of fermented tea leaves. Studies show that it has the highest level of caffeine and it seems to have the benefit of reducing the risk of stroke arising due to excessive smoking or exposure to smoke and protecting your lungs. It is popularly made consumed as chai or consumed as instant teas. Black tea can also be used as a slimming tea for some. 

Anti Cancer Properties

The anti-cancer properties present in White tea help stop cancer cells from developing at an early age, which means they are again important to flush out unwanted harmful elements from our body. White tea is generally uncured and unfermented hence the sparkling white tea shade.  It has a high concentration of antioxidants making it excellent for slimming, besides it also helps in protecting your teeth from harmful bacteria.

Improved metabolism

Healthy metabolism plays a vital role in overall well-being, and needless to mention especially for weight loss. Oolong tea has these health benefits, where it can speed up the weight loss process by improving fat burning and helps with better metabolism activities in your stomach. Ideally drinking two cups of this tea would do the magic, besides you should never have Oolong tea on an empty stomach, just like most other teas.  This tea is said to be more effective for weight loss than green tea. 

Protects skin elasticity

One cup of this careful brewed Pu-erh Tea every day can bring loads of health benefits, including ensuring healthy wrinkle-free skin, as it helps to protect the loss of elastin present in your skin, hence works as a great anti-aging drink. Consuming this tea would also help those who are looking for weight and fat loss. It is excellent for elderly people also as it boosts digestion and eases constipation. It also helps is preventing diabetes and helps to keep the sugar level balanced. 

When consumed in moderation all tea types are great for health and would help in weight loss, especially when combined with a healthy combination of healthy exercises. Never consume anyone tea for a prolonged period of time. Changing the tea every few days is a great way to keep absorbing the benefits of each tea variety besides it works well for your palate too.  Depending on the flavor you like you could add in honey and for additional health benefits you may go ahead and add in some dry edible flowers or herbs, such as Chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, peppermint, lemon, ginger, jasmine, ginseng, and many more such endless combinations can be tried. Based on the choice of herb combination you can speed up fat loss too.