Assam against EIA what IS EIA why Assam citizen is against EIA full details

Assam against EiA what is EIA why Assam citizen is against EIA full details  

India is currently from past few years  known for deforestation as previous, where 2700 tree was demolished in order to make a metro car shed which was canceled were more than 20 thousand people, came in action to save the arrey forest against deforestation same now is been in Assam where EIA has to be applied but Assam citizen is against EIA  

what is eia
what is eia 

few days the back government of India made a draft for EIA and invited free comments from the public so that government can see whats the decision of Indian citizens and the deadline of comment is 11th august 2020 

What is EIA? { Environment Impact assessment }

Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is the process or study which predicts the effect of a proposed industrial/infrastructural project on the environment. It prevents the proposed activity/project from being approved without proper oversight or taking adverse consequences into account

23rd March 2020 (MOEFCC) The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change  issued the draft  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) BY Replacing EIA Of 2006

what is eia
what is eia 

Advantages and Disadvantages of EIA 

  • advantages of EIA approval for new company or production company 
2.employment work
  • disadvantages of EIA
1.Environment harms
2.risk of Human Life
4.end of nature in Assam which it is known for

this law is used in order to get environment clearance so that production can take place by demolishing nature easily 
by this law government of India has the authority to approve any projects if the company has the strategic stamp  

earlier according to the previous law act of EIA 2006 only defense projects and government security was allowed to get environment clearance but as per EIA act 2020 government can allow any company who has a strategic stamp 

list of projects 
also in EIA 2020 new rules if the projects which were earlier violated the EIA norms can now be approved under EIA 2020

hope you got how EIA 2020 is if you are against this new rules go and comment in EIA 2020 and subscribe our newsfeed for more pieces of information on your fingertips from readerscook india 

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