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Army Miss Bangtan: #ARMY_MISS_BANGTAN: Fans recall the memories of the boys and can’t wait to see them perform again!

Army Miss Bangtan

Fans remember their favorite band and their memories with them. The twitter is trending with popular hashtag, #ARMY_MISS_BANGTAN, and @Bts_twt, the official twitter handle of the BTS boys is continuously mentioned in thousands of tweets across the United States and South Korea.

Who are the Bangtan or the BTS Boys?

Army Miss Bangtan
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The BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a popular boy band which was formed in Seoul, South Korea. The ban was established in the year 2010. The band is popular for it’s song writings and compositions and has the most output in South Korea. It is also famous for it’s hip-hop style.
#ARMY_MISS_BANGTAN is the founding memory of the band as fans recollect the memories.

Why are the fans out of a sudden remembering them?

Army Miss Bangtan
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The band consists of some of the most popular personalities from the music industry.
V, the sub-local, Jungkook, main vocals, Jimin, lead vocalist are all famous for their mesmerizing voices.
Suga, Jin, RM and J Hope are world-famous rappers who have excellent rapping skills.
The band is a mixture of classic hip-hop and rap music, which is the current trend of world. That is the reason why the band is gaining the popularity in lockdown and the impatient fans can’t wait to see them again. #ARMY_MISS_BANGTAN

What is the band currently doing?

The band has currently composed some songs and are uploading online for the fans. Jungkook was the trend of the day some days ago when a new video was released.
News is also trending these days that Lady Gaga is soon going to join the band for a song.

We too can’t wait for The BTS or the Bangtan Boys to perform again. #ARMY_MISS_BANGTAN.

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