Amazon Sales Estimator Tool Online – Grow Your Business To The Next Level

 Amazon Sales Estimator Tool Online – Grow Your Business To The Next Level

Thanks to modern technology and the inventions going on, now keeping track of your Amazon sales order won’t be that tough. With the help of the best Amazon sales estimator tool, you will get all the sales details right from its purchase date to estimated net profit in various marketplaces with some historical comparison. It helps you to understand the current profit and lost count of your organization at various periods with interactive graphical representation. So, waste no time further and get your hands on the Amazon sales estimator tool now if you want to grow your business on Amazon!

Importance of the info cards:

All of your Amazon sales data will remain displayed in different forms of info cards, once you start using the Amazon sales estimator tool. Here, you get the opportunity to view some of the major details like Shipped Orders, Total orders, Pending orders, Revenue, Units, Est.Net profits, and more.

Now for the comparison chart:

Thanks to the online Amazon sales estimator tool, now taking some major decisions based on the current sales status has become a whole lot easier. With experienced professionals by your side, you get the opportunity to enjoy a detailed sales comparison chart. The main goal of this chart is to help you compare your Units, Orders, or the Revenue wise sales with previous and selected periods.

Orders list along with the filters:

The amazon sales estimator tool online will make it a lot easier to analyze your data, whenever you feel like it. For making this searching value as smooth as possible, the team has added a different filter option to search for all the orders that you have been looking for.

  • Here, you get the chance to filter the orders depending on multiple criteria like Channel Order ID, Units, Payment Method, revenue, and SKU.
  • Are you looking for the same filter that you used to track down the Amazon product sale previously? If so, then you get to save your previously used filter option and later use it whenever the need arises.

Get on with the order details:

With the proper Amazon sales estimator tool by your side, you get the golden chance to view the details of an order. Starting from the order summary to the buyer details, net profit split-ups to even products, you will come to see everything within the same place. Furthermore, you get the golden opportunity to check your items and the order-level estimated net profits under one goal.

The two major features to consider:

The points mentioned already, are enough to prove why more and more businesses are relying on the Amazon sales estimator tool to help grow their businesses on the Amazon e-commerce platform. But, there are two major features that make these tools more important among the masses.

  1. The first one is discovering profitable categories:

With the help of this tool, you will understand more about the number of units a product sells under one particular category. The sale volume for any particular rank is subject to differ in multiple categories. 

So, get the chance to track down the niches and categories with the best sales potential and start focusing on those areas more. Furthermore, you get the chance to know more about the weak categories through the Amazon sales estimator tool. Use different ways to improve those categories as well, in order to gain better business flow.

  • The second feature is to analyze the competition now:

Thanks to the same Amazon sales estimator tool, you will now know where your competitors stand and the number of units they sold. It helps you to know and analyze the number of units that you must sell in order to reach out on page 1 for the top-level product keywords. Make sure to know the exact numbers that help in extracting the complete product potential around here.

Calculate your sales volume through a major estimator tool:

With the help of the Amazon sales estimator tool, you get to calculate the current sales volume of any Amazon product in a rather effortless manner. Now, you must be wondering how to use the tool at its full potential. Well, the steps mentioned below might help in answering your queries.

  • At first, you need to select the base category on Amazon whose right calculation you are looking for.
  • Now, for the next step, you need to enter the sales rank of that product into the tool.
  • Select any category you are looking to gain more information about. 

Upon selecting the category and naming the product, let the Amazon sales estimator tool cover its job well. In the end, you will receive all information in a proper chart and excels to help understand your current hold in the market better. 

Start using the tool now if you want to improve your business strategy on Amazon. Check out the best Amazon sales estimator tool in the market before jumping straight to a conclusion.