All about the ‘Main Gareeb Hoon’ meme viral video boy

All about the ‘Main Gareeb Hoon’ meme viral video boy 

 Sawan a youngster from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has ended up being a National Garib Kid. Since recent days GaribBoi is moving overall social media stages as a result of his short parody video ‘Mai Garib Hun’ 

His words in his viral video were, “Main Gareeb Hun (I’m poor), mere mummy papa Mujhe gareeb Janam diye (I was born poor), Mujhe mummy papa ke barker koi cheez nhi hai (For me no one is bigger than parents), Main Gareeb hi thik hu (I’m alright in living a poor life)” has echoed through numerous ears. Some are accepting it as a joke, while others are thoroughly restricting this sort of content. The words as well as the demeanor in his face has intrigued just as discouraged numerous watchers. 

In any case, you can’t disregard this youthful chap, he has been transferring recordings on his Instagram page for numerous years, yet especially this video circulated around the web, and individuals began recognizing him. 

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One of India’s Greatest YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani recognized and impersonated youthful Sawan in his video. From that point forward numerous individuals are transferring their own adaptations of ‘Mai Garib Hun’ recordings. 

Anyway behind the scenes of the character ‘GaribBoi‘, youthful Sawan has exceptionally high goals and dreams that he needs to satisfy for his parents. In a meeting with Sampan Vlogs, Garib Boi stated, “It’s completely unbelievable and a new experience for me. I had never thought that I would go viral and people would like my videos”, 

While his mom stated, “It feels great, at this age, he is working. He talks about buying us new clothes, house. I’m very happy for my son”. 


Responding to Ashish Chanchlani he stated, “I could never imagine, such a big YouTuber like Ashish Chanchlani would mimic me in his video, I’m grateful”. 

Individuals have their own opinion about GaribBoi, yet you can’t deny the reality, for his uniqueness he has had the option to pick up the attention of the individuals, fortunate or unfortunate !!

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