The Best Online Tools That Can Add Watermark to PDF

Creating content and important documents is a systematic process that includes brainstorming, researching, and finalizing to name a few. They are some of the valuable processes you will need to make your content efficient and effective. It requires you to invest both of your time and effort. With the increasing number of content thefts, you shouldn’t leave your work unprotected; otherwise, you’ll face serious consequences. You don’t want your hard work to be put to waste. To prevent this from happening, you need to secure your content by adding a watermark to it. Through this, you will receive the credit that you deserve. 

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a logo, text, or pattern that is intentionally placed over your digital asset.  It is used to protect confidential content and prevent them from being stolen or reproduced without your consent. Through the watermark, you can immediately claim ownership of your file document. There are several online tools available on the web that can help you add a watermark to PDF

Online tools that can add watermark

  1. PDFBear

This is one of the best online tools that contains countless unique features. With PDF bear, you can customize your typography and transparency of the watermark in any way you desire. You can also choose an image as a watermark if you don’t prefer to add text. No worries, because this online tool provides a variety of font settings. You have the choice of color, size, style, and even the font family.  You can have fun trying out all the options and choose what’s best and suitable for your document. This website is so flexible that it can work on whatever device you’re using. With all these amazing features, it won’t require any amount of money because it’s free of use. This is the fastest and free way perfect for you. 

  1. GogoPDF

To prevent serious consequences of unwatermarked portable file format, GogoPDF is the way for you. This website safeguards your files and provides its services for free. It automatically deletes the file after an hour you uploaded it. Through this, you won’t have to hesitate to upload your documents. To add personal touches to your watermark, you have the freedom to choose and customize your font style, text size, and color. It’s really easy to use, and you’ll have your document in no time. 

  1. Picmonkey

Picmonkey comes with thousands of graphics to choose from. You can create your logo in no time. Perfect for customizing your very own watermark. Not only that it’s free but also very easy to use. Directions are posted on the website itself, and you won’t have to worry about where to begin especially if you’re new to this website. Some tutorials will help you discover more of their service and also for a better experience. This online tool doesn’t end with just adding watermarks, you can also make flowcharts, graphs, flyers, and a lot more. It has various services to offer that will help you in any way possible.

Creating a good watermark 

In making or putting your watermark, there are a lot of factors to consider. You should carefully think of how it will look on your document and its suitability. You should know the perfect color, font style, and size to use. Sometimes doing your watermark the wrong way can affect the presentation of your work. It may be too eye-catching, making your content unprofessional and creating distraction. To prevent this scenario, here are some tips on placing a watermark correctly. 

  1. Your watermark should be visible but not to the point that it causes too much attention. It’s better to use a watermark that’s not too powerful and is color-free. By doing this your subject and watermark won’t compete with each other making it a lot presentable. 
  2. Your watermark should contain limited text only. Adding unnecessary words to it will make your watermark confusing and draw more attention than your content. Make sure to only include the essentials and make it as simple as possible. 
  3. Use readable font style and font size if your watermark is small. It can help the readers to read it and would create a minimalistic effect. With this, your presentation would look professional and understandable. 
  4. Creating designs for your watermark can also be a choice, but you have to make sure that it suits your presentation. If you can do this successfully, the watermark will make your presentation more attractive to view. Avoid styling your watermark if you lack the knowledge, for it can ruin your document. 


Digital watermarks provide adequate protection for your hard work content. Not only that they secure your work, but they also add style to it. With the various online tools on the web, you can style and improve its design. But we should know what perfect watermark would suit our content; otherwise, it can ruin the presentation of your work.