7 effective ways to use promotional items to market your business

For small business, it is very important to create brand awareness if they want to become successful. If they fail to get their name out, their competitors will run them into the ground. In fact, more than 50% of small business fail within first 2 years.

7 effective ways to use promotional items to market your business
7 effective ways to use promotional items to market your business

If you are an owner of a small business and looking to create brand awareness, we have some good news for you. There are many ways you can use to market your business and your brand in front of new customers.

Using promotional items such as gifts, bags, mugs and more helps create a brand awareness for a long period of time. Today, will discuss about different promotional products you can use to market your business in an effective and less expensive way.

1. Tote Bags and Backpacks

One of the most popular items used for promotions is a bag. These could be small backpacks, tote bags or recyclable grocery bags. The best thing about using bags as promotional item is that the person walking with the bag becomes an advertisement for your business. Since they will get a lot of personal use out of the bag, it helps in keeping your business on their mind.

While using bag as a promotion, make sure the quality of bag is high and they are durable. If you give out something cheap, it will put a negative impact on your business.

2. Branded Mugs and Glasses

Other popular items are mugs and glasses. Using these as promotional items is a great idea regardless of the industry you are in.

Coffee mugs are great if your clients work in an office. They can use it for tea or coffee and they are will constantly see the name of your business.

You can also contact bars and restaurants to use mugs and glasses with your branding.

3. Pens

This is one of the classic ways to promote your business. Benefit of using pens as promotional item is that they are affordable and you can give to anyone. You can keep your branded pens in your office, give to clients during conferences and trade shows, or just hand over to people.

4. Tech Gadgets

Gadget accessories are also great for promoting your business. They work for a wide range of industries. You can use USB cables, phone covers, mouse pads, hard drives, pen drives and many more with your business name and logo to promote your brand.

All these things are used almost daily and your clients will love to have these items as promotional gifts.

5. Health Products

If you belong to a fitness or wellness industry, you can use branded products such as gym bags, yoga mats, towels, and more. They are not only great for personal use, but also for creating awareness for your business.

If you belong to medical industry, providing sanitizers with your brand name on it is the best way to promote your business. Since sanitizers has become a necessity, everyone will love to carry one.

6. Apparel

Apparel is one of the most versatile items you use for promotion. There are so many available options and you can choose any for your business.

The most common item under apparel is the t-shirts. A good and comfy t-shirt with your brand name and logo is a perfect way to promote your business without spending fortune. People who wear your t-shirts are like walking advertisement and they will gain more eyes than other product.

Caps are also popular among promotional apparel items. There is no better way to promote your business than by printing your logo and name on the front and the back of a cap.

7. Golf Accessories

Golf accessories are great promotional gifts that you can give to executives. There are many golf items that you can use with your brand name on it such as, golf balls, golf tees, hat clips, umbrella, shirts and more. You can also send a bag that is used to store golf sticks with your brand name on it.

Promoting your business using these items is a sure shot way to gain more business and do free and long-term advertisement for your brand. As a small business, you cannot afford to miss out on such a great opportunity.

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