7 Best Aircraft MRO Companies in the World

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul in aviation is the repair, service, and inspection of an aircraft or one of its components. It is done to ensure the safety and airworthiness of the aircraft according to international standards. The aircraft’s MRO is important to maintain the quality, availability, and reliability in order to safely transport passengers and cargo. 7 Best Aircraft MRO Companies in the World

Purchasing an aircraft is a big investment. And to gain the maximum amount of return on your big investment, and to make it a long-term investment, you must evaluate it right from the purchase through its complete lifecycle. The evaluation procedure of an aircraft includes inspection, overhaul, defect rectification, replacement, complying with the airworthiness directives. The companies that provide such services are known as MRO companies. They provide essential services to military, commercial, and regional aircraft operators. Based on the recommendation report by the MRO company, airworthiness review certificates are then issued by the competent authorities. Considering the importance of this evaluation, operators must choose the best MRO company for their service. Let us discuss some of the best aircraft MRO companies in the world.

Benefits of Having an Aircraft MRO Service

Benefits of Having an Aircraft MRO Service

There are different categories in MRO that dictate the way procedure will be handled. Based on the diverse and unpredictable needs and requirements of an operator, at times the cost, quality, and service loyalty can get disrupted. Compared to the rise in the aviation industry, it has become important for the operators to keep their aircraft updated in order to provide the best quality service. One might fall for the thought that an MRO expense is avoidable but should never follow that as your aircraft requires a high level of maintenance to perform best. Here are some top benefits of aircraft maintenance:

  1. Safety: This is the most obvious reason to look up to MRO services. According to some of the facts, on average around 20-25 accidents are caused only due to mechanical failure. While it can be prevented by taking care of your aircraft and regular maintenance. Good and regular maintenance of aircraft not only ensure safety but also builds up the trust of your customers in your service.
  2. Performance: Regular maintenance of your aircraft lead to strong and better performance. After a time when the engine gets slow, you need to tune it up with an effective maintenance service. A few small steps and procedures of maintenance and repair can give your aircraft some big improvements so that it gets back to work the same way it used to.
  3. Reliability: Regular maintenance and repair make sure your aircraft never encounter any untimely mechanical failure. It reduces the chances of failure and your aircraft is less likely to suffer from downtime if it goes through regular maintenance. It makes your aircraft more reliable as per the need because aircraft downtime when required to fly can be very challenging at the bottom line.
  4. Cost: An untimely failure or downtime of an aircraft badly affects the profits as it reduces the amount of time your aircraft could have been in the air. This makes it all clear that sudden repairs can cost you a lot compared to regular aircraft maintenance that can save you a lot of money by reducing downtime.

Top 7 Best Aircraft MRO Companies in the World

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering: HAECO is one of the world’s leading and largest maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers in terms of capacity.

ST Engineering: Headquartered in Singapore, ST engineering is the world’s largest commercial aircraft MRO service provider, serving wide global customer base from leading airlines to national armed forces.

Lufthansa Technik: Headquartered in Germany, Lufthansa Technik is one of the leading service provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul, and modifications. It serves commercial, VIP aircrafts, and some special mission aircrafts.

AAR: Headquartered in the United States, AAR is a trusted partner to top airlines and militaries, known for their competitiveness and quality service. It serves commercial and government customers worldwide.

Turkish Technic: Headquartered at Istanbul Ataturk International airport, Turkish technic is the official MRO center of Turkish airlines. It also owns a maintenance warehouse called hangar at the Istanbul airport (on the European side).

MRO Holdings: Headquartered at the United states, MRO Holdings offers best in class aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. A global aviation services provider, it has partnered with some of the leading airlines in America.

SR Technics: Based at the Zurich airport in Switzerland, SR technics is one of the world’s largest technical services provider in civil aviation. It offers several maintenance, repair services to the aircrafts, engines, and other components.

Operating an airline is a big responsibility and more of it comes from the effort of maintaining the aircraft for better performance. MRO services are essential for the aircraft to perform best and protect operators from any loss due to sudden failures and downtime.