6 Great Apps to Scan Documents

The below-listed apps are excellent for authentication purposes in PDF format, digitizing receipts for tax purposes, and even scanning a completed form for email. These are best out of best documentation scanners that grab attention. Here are the most exemplary Android document scanning applications!

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1. SwiftScan

SwiftScan is marketed as a quick and straightforward solution to generate high-quality scans on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Per the app’s creator, it can make “hundreds of judgments to correctly capture the content.” Using the program, you can scan papers, receipts, doodles, whiteboards, letterheads, labels, Qr, and barcodes. You may pick from five color settings once you’ve detected an item to make it seem ideal. 

Cropping and optimization options are also available for document images, all immediately recorded at 200+ dpi. You may save papers as PDF or JPG files, which you can then submit to various cloud computing. If you want to use SwiftScan for the company, you may fax documentation straight from your smartphone in any of the 50 countries SwiftScan supports. SwiftScan is available for free download on Android and iOS, with in-app transactions public, as is the situation with many similar apps. Click here to download this for free.

2. CamScanner

CamScanner is an application that converts your smartphone camera to scan into a document scanner. It allows you to browse a variety of documentation, including invoices and receipts. Scanned documents are converted to PDF files immediately transferred to cloud storage services like Box, Cloud Storage, Dropbox, iCloud, and Skydrive. The software aimed squarely at corporate customers allows you to invite peers to see and remark on scans. They must, nevertheless, have such a user profile to do so. A sophisticated editing function allows you to add notes and watermarks to papers, making them seem more official.

3. Genius Scan

Genius Scan App Review: A great way to scan your documents — Appedus App  Review

Another popular smartphone scanning app is genius Scan, which claims to have scanned over 50 million papers to date. It’s been dubbed a “pocket scanner” since it converts paper documentation into JPG and Pdf documents. Intelligent page identification, viewpoint correction, and image restoration are just a few highlights. The program also improves document readability, ensuring that they are legible, and you can organize your files with names, tags, and a search tool. You may upload scanning documents to various cloud storage systems, including Cloud storage, Onenote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

4. Abbyy’s FineReader PDF

Abbyy’s FineReader PDF is a good option if you seek anything a little more complex. The program scans text in 193 nationalities using optical document identification. The software, which is available for Android and iOS, allows you to check both handwritten text images using your smartphone. FineReader supports 12 different file types, notably DOCX, PDF, and TXT. The application’s best feature is that it keeps the original report layout.

You also have recourse to a collection of simple annotating tools for adding signatures and comments to the text. The iOS edition of the program also includes a function called BookScan, which allows you to digitize books quickly. It separates opposing book pages into independent pictures, eliminating any flaws.

5. Adobe Scan

You’ll undoubtedly want to save papers for storage media in a portable document format, such as a PDF file when digitizing papers for storage media. Adobe Scan is a specialized scanning tool from Photoshop and illustrator, the company that invented the PDF format. Cropping and optimizing options for document pictures are also provided. You may save papers as PDF or JPG files, which you can subsequently upload to cloud computing services. Adobe Scan is mobile software that utilizes your camera to capture a copy of the documents to transform into a Pdf document. 

6. Fast Scanner

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Fast Scanner is a good scanner application.  This includes PDF and JPEG compatibility and document scanning and editing capabilities. If you need to fax papers, the developer also provides a fax sending app that works. The quantity of documents you may scan in the free edition appears limited. If you utilize Google Play Access, it is indeed free to use. The software comes in two professional versions: a $9.99 version that includes the most popular parts and a $14.99 version that consists of all. If you have Google Play Access, you can also get it unlimited.


Scanning office papers does not necessitate the use of bulk scanners or printers. Because most smartphones currently have a decent camera, you may scan documents in excellent resolution with any documents scanner applications listed below. Furthermore, capturing PDFs with your smartphone is often faster than photographing them with desktop scanners. The ability to view documents first from the cloud, extensive editing options, and OCR  support are just a few benefits of utilizing a popular Android scanner software. We’ve gathered a list of the most acceptable Android scanner applications above, choose yours.