5 Reasons why Jewelry Affect Personality

History has it and we have seen that jewelry has been a strong part of human accessories since 400 BC. It has evolved besides humans from centuries in past and it will be a strong adornment that will be continued to be used in years to come in the future too. This Universal accessory has changed and very tastefully created over decades to adorn us. We have worn created them out of almost everything that we have seen in our surroundings, starting from shells, bones, flowers, and stones, and evolved into making them out of precious stones and metals in recent times.  Jewelry holds a high place in our lives, as it has been used as protection like armors or worn as status symbols or to show a certain rank in the society, it has also been used as a gift to express, gratitude, love, and passion. Jewelry affects the wearer’s personality too and here are some great reasons how.

Jewelry is said to affect your mood

Jewelry is usually treasured and especially if it is a gifted piece made with some exquisite material it not only makes your heart happy but the wearer feels special while wearing it exuberating happiness and love. This amazing mood keeps the person happy throughout the day. It can bring life to anyone, especially in relationships. If a spouse is not happy or having bad days, irrespective of what age the person is upon receiving a gift would instantly liven up the mood and change the surroundings from gloomy to happy. Such is the power of jewelry.

Jewelry speaks for you

Jewelry when bought for self expresses the wearer’s mood and characteristics. Jewelry Custom Necklaces comes in all forms and shapes and prices. This beautiful piece of jewelry has a history of expressing the unsaid and is so broadly used to take a human relationship to the next level. The much-used symbol of love is the finger ring, Initially expressing love, and the same ring when exchanged during marriage vows becomes a symbol of a beautiful lifelong commitment. Every young man who has ever wanted to
express his love has gifted his woman with the most beautiful and expensive finger ring or a custom necklace, and history has it, the offer is never turned down.”

Increase in self-confidence

Jewelry is just not a piece of metal you adorn just for the sake of wearing; it boosts your self-confidence tremendously. There are some special stones found in nature that are said to be affecting your body, increasing self-confidence. These stones are said to be magical and attract certain celestial energy which makes the wearer positive and keeps him happy all the time. Even if it’s not worn for a specific purpose the price often elevates the wearer’s mood as it shows his financial well-being as well. 

Expression of individuality

It totally depends on what you love to wear, while some would love to wear gold and silver some may prefer to wear pearls or diamonds. The rarer the material used in the jewelry it becomes expensive accordingly. There are individuals who would love to change jewelry daily with some art jewelry showing the love for creative and artistic works and there are many who would wear solid precious metals with equally expensive jewelry as daily wear showing their rich lifestyle. Lightweight jewelry is used on a daily basis while we adorn it with some of our rare collections during special occasions such as marriages and special parties or celebrations. The kind of jewelry one is wearing can also speak about his origin at the same time whether you wear hoops or studs in your ears and heavy necklaces would speak volumes about your individual characteristic of being an active and happy person.

Jewelry also speaks volumes about the wearer, for example, there are tribes or groups which have symbolic jewelry which bears the special mark of their group or sects, so a person can be identified just by seeing the piece of jewelry. Every continent has its special jewelry styles native to them and with special symbols attached to it. Right from the early years of kings and queens we all have loved jewelry and continue to do so whilst experimenting with new looks and materials.