30 Day Challenge: Do Something New Every Day

When you set out to improve yourself, you’ll likely hear about 30-day challenges as a simple yet effective way to craft your personal development plan. If you’re not familiar with the concept, though, you might not realize just how much this sort of challenge could help your efforts. Unlike other self-improvement projects, you don’t need an instructor or guide through your 30-day challenge. In fact, you can take an entirely DIY approach. Once you’ve come up with your tasks for the 30 days ahead, all you have to do is stick to them as the month goes on.

What exactly is a 30-day challenge?

Even for the unfamiliar, the concept of a 30-day challenge is relatively self-explanatory. The idea behind it is to choose a goal you’d like to reach, such as improved fitness, greater happiness, or increased productivity, and take one small step towards that goal. 

Thirty-day challenges won’t single-handedly change your life, even if you take these steps along the way. However, they can be instrumental in launching the habits that can create that transformation. 

Why should I attempt a 30-day challenge?

Why should I attempt a 30-day challenge?

A 30-day challenge is perhaps most effective because it spurs you to make more extensive changes and create positive habits. 

Consider, for instance, that you were implementing a 30-day challenge in an attempt to manage chronic pain better. You might set out to research medical marijuana through resources like American Marijuana, discussing the potential of cannabinoids as part of your treatment plan with your doctor. Perhaps you’ve taken advantage of the plant’s recreational use previously, or maybe this entire process is a learning experience, introducing you to the use of marijuana for the first time. 

Then, you might implement other concepts that could help manage your pain, whether that’s meeting with a specialist or researching your symptoms. 

In this case, the benefits of your 30-day challenge are two-fold. On the one hand, you’ll be determined to fulfill the challenge, making progress for each of these 30 days. But, on the other hand, you’ll be improving your health and learning to manage chronic pain better. 

What could I do during a 30-day challenge?

What could I do during a 30-day challenge?

Of course, chronic pain is far from the only reason you might pursue a 30-day challenge. On the contrary, the beauty of a DIY approach is that you can work towards nearly any goal with this method! 

Let’s say, for example, that you’re looking to embrace your role as a lifelong learner, browsing eLearning platforms for online courses that meet your needs. The right online learning platform will offer classes outlining a wide array of subjects. 

As you move through the modules on your online course platform of choice, you’ll find various assignments, quizzes, and even webinars helping you understand the information at hand. These individual courses are led by subject matter experts and experienced course creators who know the material and will help you learn it for your own use, too. In some cases, you’ll even receive a certificate for your work, offering an additional benefit—a great line to add to your resume. 

An added benefit of online courses and, more extensively, a 30-day challenge of any kind is that you get to make this progress while sitting at home or staying local. You don’t need to enroll in higher education to take advantage of online learning, and you don’t need to leave your home to learn a new skill. Instead, your 30-day challenge makes it quick and easy. 

You can create a custom 30-day challenge to reach nearly any goal, whether you’re creating an online course for your business, learning to manage a disability better, or teaching yourself a new skill, like graphic design or training animals.