Things to Remember Before Looking into Basement Egress Window Installation Price

Things to Remember Before Looking into Basement Egress Window Installation Price


Things to Remember Before Looking into Basement Egress Window Installation Price

Things to Remember Before Looking into Basement Egress Window Installation Price

In case of an emergency, an egress window is necessary for a household. Such a window is large enough to act as a passage of exit for dire situations, as defined by the 2018 International Residential Code Chapter R310. With the installation of an egress window, it would be easier to have the basement turn into a living space to align with the local building codes.


There are specific rules for different towns, so it is essential to look into them before installing them. Before installing it, look into the Basement Egress Window Installation Price. Adam Basement does not install awning, hopper, or standard windows. The window well cover is sold as a part of the entire Egress Window Installation Package. However, they are not to be installed or sold separately.

Is an Egress Window Necessary?

The word “egress” means “an exit.” an egress window is one large enough to ensure an exit in case of any emergencies. Typically, an egress window comes with an attached ladder or steps in order to let people get out fast and easy. Egress window act as a safe escape route in case of a dire emergency. They come in a variety of types, just like regular windows. The differences depend on the various levels of quality and the types of insulations. However, all of them serve the same function - they act as a safe route for emergencies. The window surface is mostly 6 square feet apart.

Egress Well

An egress well looks like a typical well and is situated outside the basement area as an indentation. The well is necessary to protect the below-grade window from debris such as dirt, rocks, and backfills. It also helps in draining the water away so that it does not leak into the basement via the window. An egress window well is larger than a typical window well and provides people with space to exit from that window. They are larger than average window wells and also consist of ladders and stairs for easy exit.

What are the requirements for an egress window?

There are specific requirements for installing an egress window. For instance, the sill height of the egress window should not be more than 44 inches above the floor. The minimum opening area should be at least 5.7 square feet, while the minimum opening width should not be lesser than 20 inches. The opening height is 24 inches, at least. The egress window should not have a complicated feature to open. Since it is made for emergencies, the window should be easily accessible from inside without the need for any tools or keys to open it. In the case of a deck or a porch above the window, there should be at least 36 inches of room to joist the window up and exit without any kind of difficulty.


The horizontal dimensions of the window should be at least nine square feet with 36 inches of horizontal projection. The well should be more profound than 44 inches with a ladder attached to it permanently. The ladder should be up to 6 inches, and the distance between the rungs must be no less than 18 inches. However, the rungs should be at least 12 inches wide and should be at least 3 inches from the wall but no further than 6 inches from it. The grate, if present, must be removable without the need for any tools. The IRC sets the standards. However, customers are requested to look into these pointers themselves in order to avoid any confusion. The area of the abode also plays a massive role as there might be some specific conditions regarding the installation of egress windows in a particular place. It is always promising to look into all the terms and conditions before proceeding with the required installation.

Installation Process

Most of the time, the installation process of egress windows takes around one to two days. However, it depends on the company and the amount of workforce present. The window includes a slider window and a window well cover. Ethical codes and regulations should be followed in order to install the egress window correctly. It is essential to follow the principles of a particular location in order to avoid any kind of legal issues later in the future. The most recent code to be followed is 2018 International Code Chapter R310.

Final Take

When it comes to building an egress window, choosing the best and most reliable operator is essential and the safest option. The window acts as an emergency exit and is hidden from the common eye in most cases. It is vital to safeguard the knowledge in order to avoid any kind of inconveniences in the long run. Therefore, only trusted workers and technicians should be hired. Check the track records, experiences, ratings, and customer reviews before making an informed decision. Make sure that the company is licensed, insured, and complies with the codes. Having an egress window provides both safety and convenience in the long run.

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