The Real Truth About Clothes Making And Designing

The Real Truth About Clothes Making And Designing


The Real Truth About Clothes Making And Designing

The Real Truth About Clothes Making And Designing

Have you ever thought about the secret truth behind the design of clothes? How these designs are added to your clothes, or how your clothes are being stitched and who designs them. In this blog, we will be discussing the real truth about clothes making and designing. All your outfits and clothes that you are wearing at this moment are designed by a fashion designer. A fashion designer always adds a special design to your clothes which looks amazing when you wear them. Now another big question arises that how designers design the clothes? You will be getting answers to all your questions.

How Designers Desing Their Clothes?

How Designers Desing Their Clothes?

Before making the clothes designer always study the latest fashion trends and then they make a sketch of clothes design. The proper steps are being followed and these steps are mentioned below.

·         A fashion designer always makes different sketches of clothes and then chooses the best out of them.

·         After making sketches they select the type of fabrics like smooth or textural.

·         Now they consider which color should be used and then also choose about the patterns.

·         After that, they start outlining the person for whom they want to make clothes.

·         At last, the designer prepares the outfit design and adds color to it.

Now, these designs are given to the sewer, they start stitching the clothes with the help of a sewing machine. You can also do this work at your home to design your clothes. As a beginner buying an expensive sewing machine can be a risky task. So it is better to buy the best sewing machine under $50 to try your designing skills.

Which Type Of Fashion Design Is Easy?

There are different types of fashion design and some of them are listed below.

·         Haute Couture Fashion Design: This type of fashion design involves the making of limited and custom-fitted clothes. The pieces of haute couture are often built by hands and consume high time. 

·         Luxury Fashion Design: This type of fashion design includes high-quality clothing articles that are not handmade. Luxury fashion can differ in quality but it includes more expensive materials.

·         Ready-to-wear Fashion Design: This type of fashion design cloth is more attainable and easily available. Ready-to-wear fashion design mostly focuses on the latest fashion trends.

·         Economy Fashion: Economy fashion is designed for those who have less budget to spend on clothing or they don’t have an interest in purchasing quality clothes.

From our point of view, we find that Haute couture fashion design is easy and it helps in creating a good quality of costumes.

Is Designing The Clothes Easy or Difficult?

If you are new to the clothes designing industry then designing clothes can be a little bit difficult task. Before making a clothe many points are kept in mind and that points are mentioned below.

·         Make the sketch design of the clothes that you want to design.

·         Select the best fabrics for your clothes.

·         Now choose the color and patterns for your clothes.

·         If you know how to sew, then start sewing the clothes and use a good sewing machine to sew.

And if you are an advanced fashion designer then you can easily stitch and add designs to your clothes.

What Skills Do You Need To Design Your Clothes?

If you want to design clothes for yourself or others then you should be aware of the given below points.

·         You should have good creative skills and ideas to make unique and good-looking clothes.

·          There should be a good sense of style which means you should have an eye on the fabrics.

·         You should have strong sewing skills to sew your clothes.

·         You should have a good knowledge of the latest fashion trends.

·         You must have the computer skills to use the CAD programs.

·         The person who is making cloth should have good decision-making skills because the right decision can help you to succeed.  

Is Designing clothes a good carrier to earn good money?

If you are planning to learn and grow up your carrier in the field of clothes designing then we must say it’s a good decision. A designer usually gets paid up to $31.33 per hour. If you are learning it then I will surely say that you are going to enjoy it a lot and your carrier will be bright. You will be learning many good and creative things if you opt for the design field carrier.

Designing clothes for others has become a trend in today's time. You can grow up your carrier in the clothes designing field. You should be aware of the latest and ongoing fashion trends before you design the clothes. The one who is making clothes must have good skills which are required. I hope you get a complete overview of the truth about cloth making and designing.         





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