Pitra Dosh and It's Proof

Pitra Dosh and It's Proof


Pitra Dosh and It's Proof

Pitra Dosh and It's Proof

Today’s the world has become extremely unpredictable, and the Covid-19 pandemic is one example of such a circumstance. Till a few months before March 2020, none of us had imagined that an event would change the world to this extent. Additionally, various lifestyles are increasing pressures on most persons today, age not being a factor anymore. When a lot of money is involved, the stakes are very high, which results in even greater pressure on groups of individuals such as celebrities. Therefore, a lot of individuals prefer to get help in attaining life’s goals from a well-known astrologer.

Life is not easy

Life is neither easy today nor has it ever been in the past. The only difference today is that stress from one’s immediate environment is high, and it seems to be affecting both the young and the old. One example of such stress is that of marriage. Problems seem to be of various kinds here- some are so career-oriented that no suitable guy or girl is available by the time they get serious, some are plagued by the past, and others get to know about Pitra dosh in kundali.

What is Pitra dosh?

Individuals often find it difficult to deal with various stages of life due to negative qualities like greed, anger, dishonesty, ambition, and more. The truth is that such qualities are present in individuals since birth, but there is normally a balance between these and the good ones. The balanced may be tilted in favor of the bad ones for several generations, and this situation is known as Pitra dosha. To get rid of these problems, one needs to perform Pitra dosh nivaran with the help of an astrologer.     

Categories of Pitra dosh

Pitra dosh is categorized on the basis of the ways in which it is caused, which can be any one of the following:

1)      Ancestors- It is the most common reason for the occurrence of Pitra dosh. People are often affected due to the bad deeds of their ancestors. Other than this, it may even be present if a person with many unfulfilled dreams has an untimely death.

2)      Karma/actions- Actions in the present or past life have implications that are visible in various ways. As it is impossible to control what happened in the past, one can certainly, exercise caution in the present and not carry out bad deeds, which may be carried into the future and could affect a future generation.

3)      Planetary positions- This is the form of Pitra dosh against which we are completely helpless. The positions of planets in our lives can be seen in our horoscopes, which are interpreted by astrologers. This has an impact on the Sun, which can control one’s heart and affect skin, feelings, progeny, honor, and other qualities. A weak Sun could lead to conditions of rejection poverty, humiliation, dishonor, and others.  


Harmful effects of Pitra Dosh

Anger from forefathers is responsible for a blemish on one’s horoscope. It can lead to a variety of unfavorable situations, including:

·         Imprisonment

·         Deteriorating reputation

·         The untimely death of a family member

·         Loss of job or business

·         Childlessness

·         Several miscarriages

·         Family disharmony

·         Complicated diseases which even medical practitioners maybe unable to decipher

·         Not being able to get married

·         Children dying at a very young age

Most of the problems due to Pitra dosh are cyclical and are closely related to planetary motions, as mentioned earlier. Some of the symptoms may be due to this curse is:

·         Rashes without cause

·         Uncontrollable pain despite medication

·         Abnormal behavior

·         Depression

·         Causing fatal injuries to others

 From the above list of medical ailments, it is clear that even complex health issues can be caused due to Pitra dosh and should be solved as per the methods given by reputed astrologers.


How to solve the Pitra dosh problem

Any person with this problem may indirectly or directly be impacted by problems in the immediate family. To prevent this from happening, one can take a few general steps, as prescribed by Vedic astrology:

1)      All elders, including parents, must be given unconditional services at all times

2)      Lord Vishnu must be worshipped since all souls are known to eventually merge into the larger entity of Vishnu. This merger is referred to as “Mukti”.

3)      For the grace of ancestors and God, one must take the responsibility of marriage of a girl, ideally from a poor family

4)      Ancestor worship, with the purpose of the liberation of their souls, must be performed as per one’s traditions

5)      “Shri Gurudev Datta” Mantra, meant to reduce the harmful effects of Pitra dosha, should be recited

Just because something is invisible, it doesn’t mean it cannot be worshipped, a case in point being the soul. Since the effects have been observed over time, it is impossible to ignore Pitra dosh.


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