Passing English Comprehension with High Score

Passing English Comprehension with High Score


Passing English Comprehension with High Score

Passing English Comprehension with High Score

There is no entrance exam, except when appearing for job exams, where you will not find English comprehension as a part of the syllabus. Solving English comprehension is the most challenging task for aspirants, especially to those who belong to the vernacular language. Therefore, it is vital to prepare for the exam way in advance. For instance, if SSC CGL exam dates are released, you can start preparing for the same to ensure you perfect yourself for the exam pattern.

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to get the answer keys well in advance. You can also get the SSC CGL answer key, which includes the English comprehension and other exam sections. Reading comprehension can be time-consuming and information-intensive. If you are good at grasping the passage, you should be able to answer questions asked after the comprehension.

One of the factors that an aspirant needs to consider while reading comprehension is to adopt the topic. It is vital to strike a balance between the two.

Let us check some of the ways on how you can score well in English comprehension-

     Scan the Entire Test

Before you spend time on one passage, it is vital to look over the entire test. Find how many passages you are going to read and the number of questions associated with the passage. Since entrance exams are times, you need to make sure you have enough time to complete everything before the deadline.

     Focus on Questions

Before you start reading the passage or comprehension, it is best to read the questions mentioned. By checking out questions, it will help you to develop an understanding of things you must look for in the passage. You also need to ensure that you look at the potential answers. There are chances that there can be several answers, which are almost right.

     Using the Passage

Many times, reading comprehension questions will make you find the right definition of a word from a specific passage. Practice context clues around the word to figure out the meaning. Take time to double-check all answers along with the passage. If you are sure that one character said something, then look back to make sure.

     Avoid Memorize

You do not have to memorize every line of the passage. Do understand the flow, structure, and overall main point of the passage. If there is any factual question, then you can re-read the passage.

     Avoid emphasizing vocabulary skills

Having a strong vocabulary is good and will help in understanding comprehension. However, it is better not to put stress on this area, because you need to concentrate more on the gist of the passage. Emphasizing more on vocabulary skills will only waste your time, and you will end up getting confused.

     Do not waste on RCs you cannot understand

Many times you may come across English comprehension, which can be challenging to understand in the first reading. Suppose you find it challenging, then better to avoid attempting and go for another passage. Focus on the ones that you can manage and reread the passage once you are done with the rest.

     Keep Learning and Practicing

When it comes to English comprehension, it is best to learn and practice in advance. The more you practice, the better you can understand during the exam. During the practice session, practice new techniques on making connections, synthesize, visualize, and determine the importance of each. Check out some methods of analyzing and interpreting English comprehension. Once you are confident about it, you will find it easy to appear in the exam.

Preparing for English comprehension in advance will help you appear for the entrance exam confidently. So if you appear for the SSC CGL entrance exam, start preparing for the same in advance. Stress on every aspect of English comprehension, so you do not have any confusion later.



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