How Professional Providers of SEO Services in Canada Subtly Optimize Domains and URLs of Business Websites?

How Professional Providers of SEO Services in Canada Subtly Optimize Domains and URLs of Business Websites?


How Professional Providers of SEO Services in Canada Subtly Optimize Domains and URLs of Business Websites?

How Professional Providers of SEO Services in Canada Subtly Optimize Domains and URLs of Business Websites?

Any the effort to improve a websites ranking must begin by improving the website itself. How a website is structured and what it offers are both equally important factors. The most ruthlessly optimized website on the internet wont achieve top rankings if it doesnt provide user satisfaction. Similarly, websites that offer good value but arent designed to dominate rankings wont perform well on search result pages. What websites should be aiming for is perfection in both of these categories.

Website elements such as its structure, optimization of titles, loading speed, content, all impact the websites ranking. In most cases, optimizing these elements provides instant results. However, poorly-optimized websites will never perform well. Top providers of SEO services in Canada optimize each of these factors to make their clients websites as Google-friendly as possible. Their expertise in how algorithmic search results function helps them make websites appear higher in search results.

According to these experts, subtle website elements such as page titles and domain names play a key role in website rankings. Using optimized domains and URLs can significantly increase the discoverability of websites on Google. Of the 200+ factors that Googles algorithms use to rank websites, domain name, age and style are all extremely important factors. Heres how SEO experts transform the fortunes of their clients websites by transforming their domain names and URLs.

The Importance of Optimizing Website Domains and URLs        

Businesses frequently searched keywords in their website name or company name rank 1.5 spots higher in Googles SERPs. Of course, changing company names just for SEO purposes may have certain implications on their brand value. But, that doesnt stop businesses from exploiting the fact that domains containing keywords rank higher.

Before 2012, it was absurdly easy to gain higher ranks on SERPs using a technique called Exact Match Domains. Businesses would change domain names to match the most searched local intent keywords. For instance, if a business wanted to get top rankings for the keywords bike shop Ontario, it would set up a website called and wait for thousands of clicks. These businesses didnt have to care about other ranking factors such as web content or loading speed.

Thankfully, in 2012, Google addressed this loophole by passing an Exact Match Domains (EMD) update. However, many of these EMDs still to this day enjoy top ranks on Google as their usage metrics have continued to be good.  

Thats why using descriptive domains for websites is still a useful tactic. For instance, lets consider a fictional massage parlor located in Mississauga called Frances Maximin and Son Massage Parlor Mississauga. This business has two domain name choices -, or Which one is more keyword-friendly and relevant to commonly searched terms regarding massage parlors in Mississauga? Of course, the second one! Searchers will see a website address that precisely matches their requirements. SEO experts dont ask their clients to completely transform their domain names, especially if the company already has a certain brand value. They make small alterations like

·        Adding the nature of the business to the domain name.

·        Adding one or two relevant keywords to the domain name.

·        Avoid using superfluous words and keeping the domain name simple.

Hyphens or Underscores

All websites must avoid using hyphens or underscores in their domain names. Thats because many users view these characters as spam indicators. Hyphens are still fine in the eyes of Google as they understand its a way of separating words. However, domain names containing underscores are immediately de-ranked.

Domain Length

Google hasnt conclusively discussed how it views domain length when it comes to ranking websites. However, for the sake of SEO and user-friendliness, choosing domains that are shorter than fifteen characters is better. Thats because websites with short domain names are -

·        Easier to remember.

·        Easier to type correctly.

·        Dont lose traffic because of misspellings.

·        Long domains are not AdWords-friendly. Theyre not displayed properly on ads, as theyre often too long to fit inside the ads display URL sections.

·        Since most internet users are used to seeing websites with all lower-case letters, its important to use only lower-case letters in website names.

Webpage URLs

The best websites use simple, short, and highly-descriptive URLs. They dont stuff keywords in their webpage URLs to avoid automatic disqualification from Google. Instead, they use case-sensitive webpage URLs. For instance, lets consider two imaginary webpages - and The second one is likelier to draw a searchers attention as its clear and concise. Plus, after URLs become bigger than 512 pixels, Google shortens them in SERPS. So, will become Thats why keeping URL and domain names short and simple is extremely important for earning high rankings.

These minor details may escape a non-specialist. But theyre the first details that SEO experts notice. Transforming a business website after considering these technical details can make it extremely search-friendly. Businesses must find a top-tier SEO company and implement these changes immediately!

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