Seven Things to Make This Christmas Memorable

Seven Things to Make This Christmas Memorable


Christmas is just around the corner, and this time it’s going to be a different Christmas. With more than a million deaths this year, around the world, due to the notorious Coronavirus, we are, probably, going to find things quite unprecedented and unusual this Christmas with  Seven Things to Make This Christmas Memorable!

Seven Things to Make This Christmas Memorable

 Seven Things to Make This Christmas Memorable!

  • It’s astonishing how it all began

Christmas is the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated on the 25th of December every year in every part of the world. The celebration of Christmas was not a thing among the early Christians, and, it only began to happen officially, much later on, in the 336 AD during the rule of Emperor Constantine.

Surprisingly, even the date of Jesus’s birth is not confirmed by any authentic source, and it’s believed that the 25th of December was actually the birthday of Roman God, Sol Invictus, which was turned into Jesus’s birthday when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity.

Well, notwithstanding what the real date of Jesus’s birth was, Christmas 2020 is not just a celebration of Jesus’s physical birth, but the birth of all the spirituality and goodness that comes with Jesus, which can be celebrated any time of the year.

So, how are going to celebrate Christmas this winter? If you’re still thinking about that, I have got seven lovely ideas for you to consider, that will make your Christmas memorable.

Have a look!


  •       Watch a great movie

If you love watching movies, Christmas is the best time for you watch some of the top movies of all times and make a very enjoyable experience of this festival.

Usually, throughout the year, we don’t watch the movies that really matter or convey a real meaning instead we spend time watching meaningless and shallow dramas that are just the duration that fit into our busy schedules.

Christmas is the time when we can rekindle the soul and revive our imagination by watching something that teaches us something about life, or stimulates the mind, which means watching something classic, and evergreen.

For example, if you like watching Hollywood productions, movies like The Godfather series, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Inception, Taxi Driver, etc. will make a perfect Christmas for you, and provide you with something to ponder over, sharpening your intellect.

  •       Decorate a lovely Christmas tree

Yes, this is a must for a memorable Christmas. The origins of Christmas trees can be traced back to the use of green plants in Rome and Egypt, as a symbol of celebration and festivity.

So, how would you decorate your Christmas tree? First of all, don’t think of it as a burden that must be done and gotten rid of, in that way you’ll never be able to enjoy making up your Christmas tree. Keep in mind that you’ll need to spend some real-time decorating the tree, and do it with all your heart and soul if you want to have a memorable experience.

And, if possible design a theme around it, and try to hand things on it that will go with the stuff in your room, for example, cushions, pillows, table, curtains, etc.

  •       Don’t forget the Santa gift

Santa is one of the most crucial things in the theme of Christmas, and if it gets cropped out of Christmas, the festivity will remain incomplete.

We have all felt the joy of being gifted by Santa on the Christmas morning when we were children, right? So, why not pass it on to our children? Today, a lot of parents seem to ignore this very interesting ritual of placing gifts under their children’s pillows which is addressed to the children by Santa Claus.

If we want to keep up the spirits, Santa must be kept alive, because the real joy and spirit of Jesus’s birthday comes from the character of Santa, who’s is a symbol of love and kindness, and the excitement that the children spread all over the place in anticipation of their Santa gifts.

So, why take away this great character, the Father of Christmas and deprive our children of something so exciting and awesome?

  •       Indulge in some baking

Well, everyone knows Christmas is famous for the Christmas turkey, and the symbolic delicious pudding, and that’s something most people cook while celebrating the festival. It’s safe to say that there’s no Christmas without a roasted Turkey or apple pudding.

But! Why don’t you indulge in real good baking while enjoying your Christmas holidays? As Christmas leads to the New Year, you may enjoy the five or six days off that you get to celebrate the year-end doing a lot of baking and making scrumptious foods.

What can you bake? You could try and bake a lovely honey Christmas cake, or a ginger yule log, or almond biscuits, or pithiviers, or whatnot? 

  •       write an open letter to YOURSELF!

Now, this is something very memorable. We make New Year resolutions every year and it’s become a fad now. But do we really mean them?

If you want a real change in your life, make a resolution so powerful that it can drive you all the year without making you feel tired or bored with it. This can be done, forget about petty little desires and think about something big.

Make a resolution by writing a letter yourself this Christmas. Choose something that you really want to achieve and that which your heart desires. Write about it in fanciful ways so that it will keep your spirits up and high all the time.

While doing this, choose one BIG thing and not so many tiny little things that only fill up your to-do list and don’t mean anything in reality. When you have chosen and written about it addresses the letter to yourself, and dedicate your next year totally to your dream, promising yourself, that I will do whatever I can to get it within one year.

And, you’ll realize there’s nothing that won’t yield to you if you apply yourself to attaining it! 

  •     Do some charity, share the joy

While we enjoy our Christmas at our cozy and warm homes there are a great many people who are in need of your attention and depend on you to survive and enjoy the little Christmas things with their family and children.

So, give them some of your money!

Don’t forget to bear in mind the people who need you to sustain themselves and their children. God has probably given you everything and you can enjoy a much better Christmas than those who are, say, jobless, unemployed, or simply poor.

Giving the needy some money will, believe me, bring back to you much, much greater amounts of joy, happiness, and wealth that you spend in charity to help others. That’s how the law of attraction works; you give to the universe returns it to you in many different and unfathomable ways.

So, do charity this Christmas and share the joy with all.


  •       Be grateful for everything you have!

Lastly, be grateful for whatever you have been given, and thank God, or the Universe for all that you have.

Gratitude is such a great blessing that if you really indulge in it by your heart and soul then no power on earth can cause sadness and misery to you. You will never be deprived of anything because there’s a certain science behind it.

The moment you thank God and surrender yourself, and are content with whatever you have, your energy opens up to the universe and new paths of happiness, health, and joy will unlock for you.

So, develop the habit of being grateful this Christmas.


OK. So, what now?

There’s no limit to what you can do to make your Christmasbetter and unforgettable, and you may add a whole new list of activities talk about above.

But! Remember. Don’t clutter up your Christmas to-do list so much so that it’ll get you very confused about what to do and what not to, and you won’t be able to carry out even one of the activities fully.

In the end, a very merry Christmas to you and your family!

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