Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

Ever since its inception, Mamaearth has become a prominent name in the baby-care product industry. This is partly because Mamaearth is an Indian baby-care product brand, and partly because its products are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals, that may pose serious threats to the soft skin of new-born babies.
Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

Mamaearth was founded by Varun Alagh. Mamaearth products have been honored with Asia's First "Made Safe" Certified Brand.

Let us take a detailed look into the various products that Mamaearth has to offer, for both babies as well as their loving mothers. We are presenting here, a brief overview of the various products by Mamaearth, their prices, qualities, and reviews.

1. Ubtan Face Mask by Mamaearth 

Known for its wondrous effect on the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and bright, the Ubtan Face Mask by Mamaearth has become one of the most popular products by this brand. It is known to remove tan from the skin and gives a tingling sensation when applied on the face. It has got a beautiful smell of oranges and turmeric. Made of Apricot Oil, Saffron, and Turmeric, it is paraben-free and silicon-free. 

Cost: Rs.499

Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

2. Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen 

Who doesn't love to go out and relax under the warmth of the winter sun? Yeah, yeah, no worries. Mamaearth's Indian Sunscreen is a great option for protecting oneself against sun-tan. This 

It's SPF PA+++ and is available at Rs. 199.

3. Onion Hair Oil By Mamaearth

Innovation is important. That is the path Mamaearth is pursuing to push more and more customers towards itself. The onion hair oil by Mamaearth is dermatologically tested and is devoid of mineral-oil, silicon, etc. It has not received very good responses from the users.
COST: RS 399

4. Natural Radiance Day Cream by Mamaearth

The natural radiance day cream has become one of the most popular of all Mamaearth products. This cream (Mamaearth Natural Radiance Cream can be applied in any weather, and it's suits people with every kind of skin type. Infused with lavender, orange, and mulberry extracts. 

It's SPF is 20
Cost: Rs.599

5.Mamaearth Combo of Onion Shampoo and Conditioner

The onion shampoo and Conditioner combo didn't receive favorable reviews. People say that Mamaearth onion shampoo is not their preference for hairball control. It is paraben-free and silicon-free too.

This combo of Mamaearth onion shampoo and conditioner is available online at Rs. 699.

Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

Mama Earth for FOR BABIES

1. Baby Shampoo by Mamaearth 

Mamaearth has brought a very mild and cute baby shampoo, for babies and toddlers (0-5 years). Mamaearth's baby shampoo has a coconut base. It is tear-free and collagen free. Its characteristics also include its smooth consistency, rich lather, and a natural orange-like fragrance.

COST: Rs.199 (for 200 ml)

Mamaearth Best Products, Prices And Reviews 2021

2. Baby Body Lotion by Mamaearth 

Comprising shea butter, chamomile oil, Aloe Vera, cocoa oil, and many other beautiful ingredients, and having a pH level of 5.6, the baby body lotion by Mamaearth is a pure delight. It is free from paraben, silicone, and all kinds of minerals.

COST : Rs. 399 for 400 ml

3. Deeply Nourishing Body Wash For Babies by Mamaearth 

Mamaearth's "Deeply Nourishing Body Wash For Babies" is another great product. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin-E, coconut, and Aloe Vera, this body wash moisturizer the skin, without causing any tears to the babies.

COST: Rs. 399 for 400 ml


Being a responsible company, Mamaearth has a customer care number, through which we can contact them in case of any queries, grievances or complaints, one can call them up on this number: +918901555444 (Make sure you call them only between 9am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday).

This article was written to acquaint you all with the new range of Mamaearth products that are becoming quite popular. Stay tuned. Thank you!


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