How is Candid Wedding Photography Different from Traditional Wedding Photography?

How is Candid Wedding Photography Different from Traditional Wedding Photography?


How is Candid Wedding Photography Different from Traditional Wedding Photography?

 How is Candid Wedding Photography Different from Traditional Wedding Photography?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and all that you get to cherish from your wedding are the memories which you visit through the wedding photographs and videos.


Everyone wants to remember their special day, and everyone wants to have the best photos taken detailing each and every intricate moment. This is where deciding on the type of photography that you want for your wedding day becomes a great selection process.


You should know that not every photographer is a wedding photographer. Not every wedding photography is the same. There is a difference in styles, trends, technical know-how, and implementation, knowledge of which will definitely help you pick the right one specific to your wishes and budget when you are looking for best Asian wedding photography service in your area.


Different Wedding Photography Styles Difference Between Traditional and Candid Wedding Photography


Depending on the intended purpose, every wedding photography process taken by a wedding photographer is different and unique. Knowledge of different wedding photography styles isnt something that you have to know in-depth; however, understanding them will help you pick the perfect and ideal one for your big day. 


Traditional Wedding Photography


Take a look at your parents wedding album. You will notice a certain trend and pattern in how the shots have been captured. These are what we call  posed or classic shots that have ruled the photography scene for years and are still preferred over other styles by many. These usually include key shots, depicting the stage, couple, families with couples, and some other important moments of the day.


For traditional photography, the photographers usually get involved in guiding the people and directing them on how to pose. This is a highly familiar trend in Asian weddings for getting posed clicks of the groom and the bride, separately as well as together, and with the families and friends. What makes traditional photography a standard type is that people know that they are being clicked. This type of photography has a formal approach to it, unlike the recent and new trends.


Candid Photography


Candid, as the term goes, is a more casual approach to photography, which is about taking the shots in a spontaneous way. You may or may not be aware that you are being clicked, and that capture-in-the-moment photo may well turn out to be one good memory for you and others. When we talk about the technicality of candid photography, it is a perfect blend of old and new. With this, we mean that it captures the traditional wedding in a new form and hue. The photographers dont stage a scene, and they dont ask people to stop for poses, they dont direct anyone; however, they go about their role capturing the moments they deem fit to print as a great shot.


It is this approach to candid photography that has made it somehow a bit hard for photographers. However, it is this trend that has become quite popular in the present times. When you want to opt for candid photography for your big day, you have to ensure that the photographer is aware of the concept, knows how it differentiates from the traditional style and is able to bring out the best with their expertise and experience.


  • Traditional photography forms the base for candid photography. It is where you will see people posing and acting for the click. While candid photography will involve capturing the natural reaction of people, something that has been given a trendy push these days as it captures the essence of the moment, their emotions, and brings out their feelings in the photo.
  • You could see that a traditional wedding photograph of the couple will have them visible clearly, and they will be at the center of the picture. However, in the candid photograph, the couple can be shot from different angles; they could be in the mix without them knowing and they are just a part of the photo while not being the center of focus.
  • In traditional photography, light, and other aspects are adjusted and directed to fit the pose, whereas in candid photography the photographer can use the given space, surrounding elements, and the light in the natural form to be more creative and take a new form of capture.


While there are several differences between traditional and candid photography for a wedding, the final processing depends on the photographer to observe the scene and deciding to take the shot and at what moment. In traditional, it can get set, while in candid, it is all about knowing when the timing and frame are right. In both cases the results are different; however, one can opt for any one of these depending on their choice and preference, as well as budget (candid photography is a bit on the pricier scale).


When you are booking the best Asian wedding photography service, ensure to know which one you want and consult the photographers accordingly.

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