Garden Planters Can Transform Outdoor Space

Garden Planters Can Transform Outdoor Space


Garden Planters Can Transform Outdoor Space

Garden Planters Can Transform Outdoor Space

There are a wide variety of ways to improve the appearance of one’s patio, outside space or living area into a wonderful arena. Consider the use of planters for this idea, where they must be chosen as per plant sizes. Plants are not just meant to beautify spaces, but they also help the people around to breathe better.

Materials best suited for planters

Large planters can be put into large garden pots, many of which are created using glass-fiber reinforced cement materials. Such materials are responsible for both low maintenance and high durability. While trying to find large garden pots in Melbourne, look for the following options:

1)      Wood

2)      Glazed ceramic

3)      Metal

4)      Concrete and cast stone

5)      Resin wickers

Planters should always be able to blend seamlessly within the space they are placed in, whether outdoor or indoor. Many homes make use of gorgeous decorative planters available in different classic and modern styles. Other than homes, they may also be seen as part of outdoor landscapes at various corporate companies.

Two examples of planter structures that would look beautiful outside are egg-pots and bowls. They are responsible for providing classy vibes to the outside of any home.  Whether one chooses these shapes are not, what is important is to carefully consider the sizes and shapes of planters before purchase.

Options are available online

Planters with all kinds of designs, whether simple, stylized or a mixture of the two can be found on the Internet. One has to spend some amount of time in choosing the right website, which would primarily be on the basis of market reputation. A well known company will ensure that it provides one with good quality planters that last for several years.

Some of the structures that can be considered include:

·         Bowl planters

·         Sculptures

·         Urns   

·         Water fountains

Those who love gardening may even have plants and planters being placed in every inch of their homes.

What do containers and pots need?

One cannot just keep planters in the house and forget about them. They need attention, often in the form of:

1.       Generous space, for the development of roots

2.       Holes need to be made at the bottoms of the planters

3.       Compost should drain easily from them

4.       Containers can certainly be pretty, but they must not steal the thunder of the plants

5.       Planting and ‘un-planting’ the flora in autumn must be possible, without damage to the roots of the planter

6.       Strong and stable planters

Innovations in design have made planters large without being as heavy as they look. One must take care to plan them in areas which are not very windy.

Using garden sculptures

Garden sculptures are as beautiful as their buyers think of them to be, just like the popular saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Some people may even regard an uprooted tree stump as a garden sculpture while others would think of it as trash.

Just like the planters, it is important to find reputed websites for the sculptures. These days, one can find a number of websites that offer all types of garden accessories at one place. Of course, one needs to think about how they complement the surrounding landscape as well. For instance, some may regard rocks surrounding the bronze sculpture of a bear for their outdoor space. 

Most garden sculptures should have their homes, bur even ponds and waterfalls can act as homes for some. Landscape should always appear to be alive, and also keep evolving from time to time. This is where a suitable garden sculpture is able to being in dynamism to the area.

Water features in the garden

Fountains have been present in the world since many years. Despite this, their mere presence is still enough to evoke curiosity and wonder all around. The way in which water is sprayed in one fountain is hardly ever the same as another, which is what makes each fountain fascinating. It’s also not just about fountains in the garden, but other water features as well, such as waterfalls. Now wouldn’t it be nice for people passing by to stand and admire them?

One can have these beautiful water features in both private and commercial spaces.

Installation is very easy

Anyone who ever thought that installing a water fountain in today’s times would have to think again. Water in the fountain comes out wither through a nozzle or bubble and then cascades on the reservoir present below. One only has to remember to connect it with a suitable pump, so that it gets a constant supply of water. 

Installation of the pump is essential for every kind of fountain. In case the pump is not a submersible type, it must be close enough to an electrical outlet. For maintenance one may require to call a professional, but the overall look will be worth the money being spent.  


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