Everything You Should Know Before Buying Dried Chilies

Everything You Should Know Before Buying Dried Chilies


Dried chilies dont only offer a tempting flavor to Southwestern and Mexican dishes but also offer a wide range of health benefits to individuals. It helps to improve the digestive system, fight fungal infections, provide relief from joint pain, improve cognitive functions, and boost the immunity system. Besides, chilies are a perfect addition to make any dishes tastier. It improves the flavor and taste of any food. Therefore, its a crucial ingredient in the entire cooking process. There are innumerable cuisines all over the world that require chilies to bring the perfect flavor to these food items. However, there are different types of chilies used in cooking. It can be found in powder form or dried form. Sometimes, people use chili paste for their dishes. One can add these chilies to make unique sauces, dishes, soups, pasta water, or anything as such and yield its benefits. There are a lot of health benefits one can yield from these chilies, especially from the dried chilies. In fact, there are different types of dried chilies available all across the globe, which are used for making different types of foods. Lets take a look at the types of dried chilies used for making a variety of dishes: 


  • Ancho Chilies: People whore looking for dried chilies must know the different types of chilies available there before they buy one. Ancho chilies are most popular when it comes to making Mexican cuisine. It adds a deep red color to the dishes. Sometimes, these are also used for making tangy and spicy sauces. 


  • Cascabel: The cascabel is found in a round shape. It also means rattlesnake because the seed of these chilies make a unique sound like the rattlesnakes to come out of the shell. For home-cooked meals, cascabel is a great choice as it adds an earthy and rich flavor to the dishes. 


  • Chipotle: Chipotle is a versatile chile that can either be stuffed or cooked. Basically, its a jalapeno that is often dried in smoke. It is only used in dishes for a smoky, subtle flavor. Popularly in hamburgers, salads, bread, and sauces, chipotles are used. 


  • Guajillo: Guajillo is known for its pungent, sharp flavor. The red-purple and tough skin adds a perfect flavor to the dishes especially the meat dishes. One can grind these chilies to make a powder form or rub them on any dish. 


  • De Arbol: The long, skinny de Arbol chilies have smooth skin and its really hot. The dried de Arbol chilies are used as chili powder after grinding and it can be used for making delicious recipes. This chili powder offers several health benefits for regular users.


Health Benefits of Dried Chilies: 

Theres a wide range of health benefits that these dried chilies offer. Lets take a look at the following:


1.     It Improves the Digestive System

One of the best things about dried chilies is that it contributes to gut health. In fact, dried chilies are more beneficial than hot peppers. It serves the role of an anti-irritant for the stomach. These dried chilies are a great way to treat stomach ulcers too. Dried chilies can be also be used for making chili powder which is rich in antioxidants that treat any kind of digestive issues. So, anyone who is having an upset stomach, diarrhea, intestinal gas, can immensely benefit from these dried chilies. Also, chilies can instantly boost the metabolism. It speeds up the metabolism process and curbs the craving for food. This means one can burn fat at a higher rate when used these chilies regularly. 

2.                 It Alleviates Migraine

Dried chilies are great for alleviating migraine pain. Some studies show that these chilies treat migraines and headaches. Patients experience great relief from their migraine pain when used these dried chilies on their dishes regularly. So, one can not only enjoy tasty foods but can yield the health benefits from these dried chilies. 


3.                 It Helps to Fight Cold & Flu

People who regularly deal with cold and flu must include dried chilies in their regular diet plans to boost their immunity. The red-colored chilies are rich in pro-vitamin A and beta-carotene. This means it maintains a healthy intestinal, respiratory, and urinary system. After all, vitamins A and C that are present in the dried chilies help to build up a strong immune system that fights against illnesses and infections. So, anyone who is suffering from allergies, congestion, can immensely benefit from these chilies. If people who have been suffering from high fever can not only get relief from the pain but also get to enjoy tasty and delicious recipes. 


4.                 It Helps to Fight Inflammation 

Another great advantage of using dried chilies is that it has a neuropeptide substance that helps to foster the inflammatory processes. It has the potentiality to treat sensory nerve disorders, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis pain, and psoriasis. Therefore, dried chilies are a great addition to ones daily diet plans. It only brings out the flavor but also helps to make delicious recipes. 




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