2021 Trends for Office Interior Design

2021 Trends for Office Interior Design


2021 Trends for Office Interior Design

Beautification of interior space, whether private or commercial, is an amazing sight to behold. Dubai is one place known for its commercial designs, many of which are prepared by reputed companies. Highly experienced interior designers here are able to come up with modern designs that motivate employees to put in their best efforts.

Experienced interior designers

A company needs to find interior companies in Dubai which can generate designs to match its values. The skilled professionals at reputed companies have the requisite knowledge of fit-outs in order to transform normal layouts to functional offices. Trusted names in UAE will be able to make customized designs for B2B customers.

Considering that Dubai is a world-class business destination, modern offices are very important for the development of this area. Such designs make positive impressions when it comes to signing major deals on a regular basis. For clients, a first impression always forms a lasting impression.                                                                                                                   

Suitable price quotes

It is not very difficult for interior designers to provide an accurate estimate of the design costs. A client only needs to give design requirements of the commercial space, following which a person from the design team will generate the quote. Charges from a reputed company will always be genuine, and one can be sure of no hidden fees. Design companies value the hard-earned money of individuals or business owners and generate price quotes with the same in mind. While the price is important, it is not the only incentive for working on an interior design project.

Features of the best interior designs

·         Spacious and ergonomic meeting rooms

·         An attractive invitation lounge, along with a well designed reception

·         The spacious waiting area with proper furniture

·         Bright and modern spaces inside the office

·         Appropriate use of natural light, along with colors

·         Greenery and green colors being able to showcase a pleasing office environment

·         Office interior design is luxurious and shows care towards employees. No employees will ever regard their offices as jails after interior designs by the experts. Every employee will want to turn up at work every morning.

Office design trends to be seen in 2021

2020 was a year that completely turned around the way a large majority of us looked at offices. It was the COVID-19 pandemic which forced a large number of people to work from home, and design changes for the ones who had to report to the office. However, the one question that has remained at the top of everyone’s mind is that how can one maintain social distancing without compromising on employee productivity and wellbeing. Here are a few answers:

1.       Provision for videoconferencing- More than half of all companies will offer Work from Home (WFH) in the future, and most employees wish to work at least part-time from home. While in the office though, videoconferencing will be required regularly, and will play a major role in collaboration. One can expect to see the following in offices:

a.       Microphones and cameras hone in on speakers 

b.      Reconfigurations on the basis of acoustic needs

c.       Multiple screens for carrying out in-house meetings

d.      Interactive and smart whiteboards

2.       Sustainable office designs- Potential employees attach high values to employers where companies are committed to decreasing their carbon footprints. In addition to this, employee well being also plays a major role in handling work-related stress. Inclusion and diversity will always help to retain the best talent. Some of the sustainable methods include:

a.       Cleaning products that are environment friendly

b.      Encouragement for cycle to work schemes

c.       Organic or recycled fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, and raw/organic cotton

d.      Bathroom fixtures that save water

e.      Eco friendly waste disposal methods


3.        Taking employee suggestions for office designs- A large number of people at the office, right from the mailroom team to the CEO are engaged in the design process, to know exactly what is required. No employee is considered too small or too big, in order to take the majority into account. This prevents the designers from doing guesswork and allows them to get information by directly hearing from the employees.

4.       Division of space- In the aftermath of COVID-19, interior designers have been challenged to co-divide the space that does not compromise the area’s functionality nor stops infection control. Designers are constantly looking at distancing options that are more appealing and are viable over a long time.

Interior designers should be conscious of climate change

The building and construction industry is responsible for 40% of the carbon emissions in the world. A new report has shown that the carbon footprint of the interiors will either be equal or more than the structure. Since interiors are being renovated more often than ever before, this results on an impact similar to the oil industry. Designers should be mindful of climate change and work on projects accordingly. 

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