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Justice for Manisha Valmiki - Assaulted and Tormented by four men in Uttar Pradesh

 A 20-year old woman, assaulted and tormented by four men in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras fourteen days back, died today at a Delhi emergency clinic. The lady had endured numerous cracks, loss of motion, and a profound slash in her tongue in the savage attack contrasted by numerous individuals with the 2012 Nirbhaya assault. 

Justice for Manisha Valmiki
Justice for Manisha Valmiki

Justice for Manisha Valmiki - Assaulted and Tormented by four men in Uttar Pradesh

Manisha Valmiki had been in the ICU in a medical clinic in Uttar Pradesh until she was moved to Delhi yesterday. 

Each of the four assailants is in prison. They will currently additionally be accused of homicide. Updates on her demise prompted fights outside the medical clinic, with the Bhim Army of Chandrashekhar Azad "Raavan" hindering streets for quite a long time. Via online media, there has been an overflowing of pain and outrage. 

The lady had a place with the Scheduled Castes people group, while the aggressors were from a purported upper rank. The episode, arriving in an influx of violations against ladies in Uttar Pradesh lately, has paralyzed numerous with the sheer size of the fierceness she endured. Spinal breaks had left her incapacitated and struggling to inhale, said specialists. 

Area District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Laxkar said she stayed quiet when her assailants were attempting to choke her. 

As per her siblings, even in that critical state in the clinic, she had asked to return home. 

"The incident is very saddening. Our government stands with the victim's family. The investigation started immediately and four accused have been arrested. Strict action will be taken. The law will take its course," said UP Minister Siddharth Nath Singh, as his administration confronted analysis over police lapses for the situation. 

The lady's family has blamed the Uttar Pradesh police for not helping them at first yet responding simply after Public outrage. 

She was assaulted on September 14 at her town in Hathras, approximately 200 km from Delhi. She was hauled by her dupatta into the fields from a spot where she had been cutting grass with her mom and sibling. 


"My mother, sister, and elder brother had gone to a field to get some grass. My brother went home earlier with a large bundle of grass, while my mother and sister continued to cut them. The women were a little far from each other. Four-five people came from behind, threw my sister's dupatta around her neck, and dragged her inside the bajra field," the lady's sibling told NDTV

"My mother realized she was missing and went looking for her. My sister was found unconscious. They had raped her. The police did not help us initially... they did not take quick action. They acted only after four-five days," he said. 

Early today, the lady's siblings claimed more lapses by the police. 

"We were informed that she would be taken to AIIMS yet she was taken to Safdarjung," one of them told journalists. 

"Her condition was very bad. She was found without clothes. Initially, we even wondered if she was bitten by a snake. My mother covered her up and we went to the police and lay her down there. Three bones on her neck were broken. She had difficulty breathing... She needed oxygen right from the beginning. We reached here (Safdarjung Hospital) yesterday," another sibling said. 

The Uttar Pradesh police have denied the family's claim from getting no reaction. "This is a very unfortunate incident but we have been proactive in making arrests and helping the family in whatever manner possible. I will personally ensure swift investigation and that these men are tried in a fast track court," Hathras police chief Vikrant Vir had told NDTV in a meeting on Sunday.

This is the time for UP police to punish them and set an example for the country for this rapist. Also, some of the news media is looking at this matter as a lower cast one which is truly a shameful thing. The devil has no cast they only have punishment for their deeds.

Please share this and tell everyone that we are in support of Manisha and will fight till she gets justice. 


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