Internet in our daily lives via Netgear ex6100

Internet in our daily lives via Netgear ex6100


Internet in our daily lives via Netgear  ex6100

 Living in today’s world with such a connected society, the internet has become a pillar of everyday life. One cannot imagine a complete day without having browsed the internet. It has become an everyday thing and it would actually be your own loss if you do not have an internet connection. Every other thing done on a daily basis is done with the help of the internet. Be it running a business or searching for a song. A whole load of everything you would want to do or accomplish us possibly with the help of the internet nowadays.

Internet in our daily lives via netgear  ex6100

Internet in our daily lives via Netgear  ex6100

 Netgear ex6100 extender setup


With that being said we can also agree on a single notion that the internet is not on its zenith and hasn’t evolved completely and therefore it is not perfect. It has flaws in many different angles that one may analyze. The connectivity is a major one. Now you may have also experienced connectivity problems. They come in a variety so we are not going to go over all of them. Let’s talk about the most basic connectivity trouble. Range, right? It's pretty obvious if you have a router at your home then you may also have a problem with dead spots. They are annoying little places where you’re network from the wireless router doesn’t reach. To counter that we have wireless range extenders. These devices pretty much just connect to your main WiFi router and then relay the network to places that did not have connectivity before installation. This works really well as you will be able to place the extender anywhere and cover the desired area. Let’s talk about the Netgear ex6100 ac750 extender setup. It is an amazing, compact and yet durable and reliable device that works wonders with your existing router. This makes it a great product. Let’s take a look into how we can easily set it up and use it.


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Ways to set it up


There are basically two ways in which you could set up the extender. You could either connect it to your computer with a wired or wireless connection. After this, you will be able to visit the offline setup link. This can be done by typing in the setup link in the address bar or even the IP address written behind the extender. Doing this will redirect you to the setup link and then this will ask you to login using a set of credentials. After that you will be able to set up the device to your preferences. In another way to set up the extender, you can do it using the ex6100 WPS setup. You will be able to find a WPS button on the extender as well as your existing router. You can press the WPS button on the extender as well as the router to set them up in a secure way. This WPS method can also be used to connect the extender or the router to mobile devices. Doing this will truly illustrate how easy the ex6100 Netgear smart genie setup is. It is as convenient as you can imagine it to be and is furthermore easy to handle and manage. What more could one ask for?



A few pieces of advice


Netgear ex6100 setup is the link where you would be able to access the setup pages. After you set up your device make sure you change the credentials of the login to the setup page so that only you will be able to access the setup link. You can then proceed to place the extender in the desired position in the range of the router of course. The extender will then aluminate all the dead spots in the area and provide you with seamless connectivity. The extender is quite affordable too and doesn’t take a rocket science degree to set it up. Therefore it would be a more convenient buy than many other sophisticated extenders for the first time user. Do keep in mind that you can always reset the device i.e. the extender in case you forget the credentials or encounter some sort of functional bug. You can reset the device using the reset button provided. Your extender will be back to its original form and you can program it again.


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