best camping tent for 2 people .for wild campers ,biker, hikers 2020

best camping tent for 2 people .for wild campers ,biker, hikers 2020

best camping tent for 2 people .for wild campers, biker, hikers 2020

Camping is one of the most thrilling and adventurous parts of life. Once in their lifetime, every person should try camping. Camping helps you to explore nature and the beauty which lies within it. It gives you an experience which you won’t forget till you die.

Most of the population in the Americas, Europe and India prefer camping. About 40% of the people in these continents try camping at least once in their life.
In India, we can find a lot of camping sites in the North as well as in the South. Ladakh, Kullu, Ooty, Dehradun-Rishikesh, Sangla are some best-known places for camping in India.

The most essential thing for camping will always be a Tent. While camping along the ridges of hills, you definitely need a Tent for shelter. A Tent can protect you from the uncertain weather in high altitudes and also from every external threat. The tent is a necessity while camping.

A Tent should however be portable and strong. You should be able to easily accommodate yourself in a Tent. A large tent might be difficult to set up and it's preferable to buy a tent for two people. A Tent for 2 is easily portable and is the best for leisure accommodation.

With a Tent for 2, you can try camping with your partner or friend. You can also carry an additional for two. You will have the best experience in a Tent for 2 as it will be very comfortable for you to accommodate.

The question always arises that how to determine the quality of a Tent for 2 and which is the best Tent for you? We have got the solution for your every answer and we are going to explain to you in detail. Let’s first find out The things to consider before buying and how to choose the best Tent for you. We will then review the best tents for two in 2019!

     •Things to consider before buying a Tent for Two:

Before buying a tent for two, you must be sure about your usage. Also, you must predetermine the type you want and the trip you are planning. Let’s consider these things before buying a tent:

The tent must be easy to setup. It should be easily set up by you with normal efforts. You can practice it by setting up before your camping at your house or lawn.


The size of the tent should be compact. It should fit your requirement and neither be too large or too small. You should have plenty of space to sleep and keep your things.


The season of your camping to determines the type of tent you should buy. If your planning to camp in Winter, you should buy a warm four-season tent. For camping in Spring or Summer, you might prefer a two-season tent.


Ventilation plays an important role while choosing to buy a tent. You should consider the design of the tent before buying and whether the flow of air is adequate.


If you are planning a backpacking trip, you should choose a lightweight three-season tent. By choosing a lightweight tent, you will find it easy to carry it in the wind.

                6. Duration:

The Duration of your camping to matters. If you plan a long-term hunting and fishing camp, you will need a larger space tent. If it is short, a lightweight tent will be comfortable


If you are planning to camp at higher altitudes in higher wind speed, you should choose a taller tent. Also if you prefer standing intent, you should choose a taller tent.

These were some important things to consider before buying a tent. Buying a tent is personal in nature but to alert yourself before buying is an important step of precaution.
Our next topic is How to choose the best tent for you?

 •How to choose a Tent?

The tent is an essential commodity to buy before going to camp. To choose how to buy a tent is a confusing process for most of the campers. Don’t worry, we have got your back to answer all your unsolved mysteries.

 1.            Sleeping Capacity:

The sleeping capacity must be predetermined before choosing to buy a tent. A tent must be chosen considering the no.of. people, your luggage, and equipment.


Based on your preferred season for camping, you might choose tents which are available for Two-Season, Three-Season and Four-Season. For camping in winter, Four-Season is preferred and Two-Season in Summer.

 3.Key Features:

While choosing a Tent to buy, you must take care of the type of tent you want: Peak Height(Tall) or Dome Structured. Also, you must be sure about the no.of. doors you want and the length of the tent.

 4.Other Features:

Some other important features too play an important role while choosing a Tent to buy. Tent Poles, Materials, Ventilation, Rainfly, etc. are some important features that should be taken care before choosing to buy.

5.Optional Accessories:

You might choose different tents based on the accessories you want. These accessories are Footprint, which is a custom-fitted ground cloth for your tent. Gear Loft is also an optional accessory to keep your small things.

Now we are going to review the Top 6 Best Tent for Two in 2019. The models of tents with full specifications are mentioned below. You can choose the best match for your choice.


 1.ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent:

With 5’ x 7’6 Base Size, 37 Sq. Feet Area and a center height of 46”, this is the Best Two Person Tent. The Tent has amazing comfort and is made from quality materials. It is the most durable tent. The tent has Free-Standing two-pole design and contains Two Doors and Vestibules. The Tent has a Gear Loft and Mesh storage pocket. The Tent provides the greatest ventilation. The Tent has been made with quality materials for durability. It has UV-Resistant Fly and Durable Zippers. It is also coated with Wet-Weather Protection.
ALPS is a renowned brand in mountaineering equipment and this tent by the ALPS is simply amazing. It weighs around 5 Lbs and is an easily portable and most durable tent for two.

PRICE: INR 10,000+ Import Duty
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent
to buy click on image
COLORS: Blue/Green, Clay/Rust, and Gray/Blue

 2.Rakaia Designs 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent:

Rakaia Designs 2 Person Camping Tent is the handiest and portable tent. It weighs just 3 lbs and is easy to carry. The Height of the Tent is 36 inches and can be used for Backpacking, Camping, Hunting and Fishing. The floor-length is 216 cm and the width is 192 cm. This means it is very comfortable and easy to accommodate two people. The tent is made with Polyester and has all facilities of waterproofing. It also contains Mesh and Splint as inbuilt accessories.
If you are looking for a portable lightweight tent, this is the best choice.

PRICE: INR 8,200+ Import Duty
COLOR: Aqua Blue

 3. Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent:

Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent is a Three-Season Lightweight Tent. It is best suited for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking. The Floor Dimensions of the Tent are 84x51 inches and the Tent Height is 43 inches. It is made with quality materials for waterproofing and Freestanding. It is lightweight and easy to setup. It weighs around 5 Lbs and contains Footprint, Packs Light, and Compact.
If you are finding a compact tent for 2 large adults, this tent can match your every expectation.

 Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent
to buy click on image

PRICE: INR 6,000+ Import Duty
COLORS: UL Granite and Peridot 2P

4.Kelty Grand Mesa Tent – 2 Person Camping and Backpacking Tent:

Kelty 2 Person Tent is a small tent for two persons with 1 Door and Vestibule, 2 Poles, and adaptability for 3-seasons. It is a lightweight portable tent and suitable for Camping and Backpacking. It has internal storage pockets and Gearloft Loops. It has a freestanding design and weighs around 4 Lbs. The floor area of the tent is 2.79 m’ with an oversized door. It has compact folding poles and coated construction.
Kelty Grand Mesa Tent
This tent is best suited for short-duration camping and backpacking trips.

PRICE: INR 11,250+ Import Duty
COLOR: Green

5.Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent:

The Connect is a truly awesome piece of equipment for any adventurous camper, featuring an adjustable double hammock bed with 2 large pockets on each side, full no-see-um mesh top with four fold-away doors and a removable rain fly for unbeatable views. The Tent is the best for an adventurous camper and weighs around 16 Lbs. The dimensions of the Tent are 21.8x10.4x10.25 inches. It is made with polyester and nylon and best protected from UV.
The tent is best suited for high-altitude adventurous tree camping.

PRICE: INR 15,000+ Import Duty
COLOR: Orange

6.Chillbo CABINS 2 Person Camping Tent:

Chillbo Cabins is the ideal pick for Festival, Backpacking, and Camping. It is comfortable and portable with a weight of around 7 Lbs. It has two entry doors and extra ventilation. With 2000mm waterproofing, it is the most trustworthy weather-protection tent. It is made with Fiberglass and the dimensions of the Tent are 17.7x8.3x5.3 inches. It is stormproof and the most ideal pick for a small family.
This tent is an ideal pick for weekend trips, festivals, and small families.

Chillbo CABINS 2 Person Camping Tent
to buy click on image

PRICE: INR 6,800+ Import Duty
COLOR: Green Camo

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