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Boys Locker Room Truth Girl created fake account?

latest Delhi polices confirm about a girl made a fake account on name Siddharth and start talking about raping a girl to see boys characters  what they talk, and Boys Locker Room Truth is been trended all over social media platforms 
 after revealing of truth by polices  social media is now  flooded with justice with Siddharth messages and stop fake feminism got hugely in trend 

read full details were all started click here

previous news 
The Indian society opened up to the most horrific story of the "Boys Locker Room " an Instagram group chat where teenage school-going boys shared nude photos of minor girls and objectified it in the filthiest way. The vulgar chats also showed that they casually talked about 'raping girls.'

Boys Locker Room Truth Girl  created a fake account

 all plan and accounts were made by a girl and created a fake profile by name of Siddharth who was innocently caught by Delhi cyber crime  after researching on 11 May Delhi polices gives a piece of shocking news about boys locker room truth by saying that a girl made a fake account to learn or exploit boys character were police also shares a screenshot snapshot was name was Siddharth after investigating when there is the girl all social media was crashed by fake feminism messages and demanding for justice for Siddhart and to give a punishment to a girl who created a fake account 

we still finding out more information please don't blame anyone without proper investigations it is about life and death and may effect family or their future reputations without inspecting properly

if they need any help related this article please contact us we are ready to help anytime we thinks about future 

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