#हंसराज_को_मुह_में_दो #StandwithHansrajMeena trending all over social media

#हंसराज_को_मुह_में_दो  #StandwithHansrajMeena why hansraj meena is in hot topic ?

Hansraj Meena is a political writer and editor Hansraj Meena is from Rajasthan, Hansraj is also the son of a farmer and  supports Dalits and tribal people in India through his writings he has also founded a tribal army, he is known for its thinking of baba saheb Ambedkar .#हंसराज_को_मुह_में_दो  #StandwithHansrajMeena both are different trends  #हंसराज_को_मुह_में_दो is against Hansraj Meena  and  #StandwithHansrajMeena is in support of Hansraj Meena  Hansraj has 1lakh followers in twitter  
Hansraj is been trolled by bjp it cells and  RSS Hansraj spoke about how bjp and baba Ramdev  cheats with people and they spend donations for their personal use after this all over bjp and RSS karyakarta came into actions where haters made this tweet #हंसराज_को_मुह_में_दो  trended and supporters make this tweet  #StandwithHansrajMeena  trended on all over social media these tweets are trending from one month on twitter 
Hansraj also is known as anti-Hindu by leaders and political party and the competition to prove Hansraj Meena is spreading all over India  

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